The best rest is a change of atmosphere and type of activity!

When the rest is full of bright moments, like in our Park-Hotel «Medvezhia Gora» Do you need to literally take a breath to get ready for new impressions. A good sauna will renew you from the inside and restore your strength! And our saunas are something magic! Juste imagine fragrant strong steam mixed with aromas of heated wood, essential oils. Oak besom envelops the body with hot leaves, giving all its beneficial properties.

Sauna "SOM", "Shuka"

Sauna complex "Banya Generalskaya"

Herbal pool

Warmed up? The time has come for cosmetic procedures! Because steamed skin is more willing to accept care. Complete the procedure with fresh spring water. Here it is, a source of youth and health!

Do you feel how every cell of the body is renewed? Well, now you can enjoy a strong tea with fragrant herbs, which is prepared according to the best Russian recipes. It's time to rent a house with a sauna in the Leningrad region, to stop the time, recall the moments of the day, tell your family and friends about impressions and get ready to meet a new day!