Our pricipal idea is active life and outdoor activities during the weekend!


ATV ride

Fans of extreme sports will appreciate the exciting walks on the ATV. You will be able to discover the most hidden and impassable corners of our forest.


Want to ride on the lake? The water bike will refresh you with millions of silver splashes.

Catamaran walk

Or maybe you like slow walks? The catamaran will calm you down with its slowness and will demonstrate a beautiful view from the lake to the forest landscape.

Scooters, Roller-skates

Come to us for a family vacation in summer? Bike riding, scooters or roller skates is a great way to spend time together.


An excellent reason to try your luck and try to catch a large fish that swims far from the shore.

Garden house with barbecue

And of course, how it is possible to be in the open air without a picnic ! On the shore of the lake for you built garden houses (gazebo) with barbecues. Enjoy the picturesque view and enjoy the fragrant, juicy kebab.


We have provided for you and a football ground. That’s why you can join up the other guests of our Park Hotel and warm yourself!


The most popular beach game. Here you can play volleyball not only on the shore of the lake, but also on a specially equipped ground.


Do you know how to play basketball? We have a special place, balls and rings.


We have a tennis court and all the necessary equipment. Play and have fun!


Children will appreciate all kinds of slides, horizontal bars, swings and will be happy to spend on the playgrounds all the time.

Picking mushrooms and berries

You are planning to come to us in summer? A walk through a real forest, where there are so many different mushrooms and berries, will forever stay a warm memory for both children and adults.

Shooting range

Do you like to shoot and do not like to hunt? For you, we have organized the opportunity to participate in skeet-shooting



For a family holiday in the winter, we fill in a large ice rink so that you can go ice skating in the company of family and friends. To make it more fun, we turn on the music. In the evening, the skating rink is lit by bright lanterns.


We have all the necessary equipment for playing hockey.Let's round up our teams and organize a real match!

Ski trip

Lovers of romance will appreciate a ski trip through the winter forest, because what can be better than skiing in the Leningrad Region?

Snow tubes

Undoubtedly, one of the best winter fun. Both adults and children love to ride inflatable snow tubes. It's so much fun!

Snowmobile walk

In winter we will not let you get bored either! Explore an ice lake or a snow forest on a snowmobile.