Hunting in the Park-Hotel «Medvezhia Gora»

Is the hunter's ancient instinct is luring you into a deep within the forest place?

The smell of the forest, the rustling of leaves and the crackling of dry branches beneath your feet. Involuntary trembling is coursing through your back because of the greatness of mother nature. And all problems of the world become so poor.

This is an indescribable feeling of drive when adrenaline makes the blood boil. It is so difficult to restrain the impulse to tear off and run into the thicket to meet an unknown person.

And suddenly the defining moment has come, when you are face-to-face with your “opponent”. You have a gun. He has - agility and speed. And it seems that the forest itself has stopped waiting for the final.

After hunting in the Park-Hotel «Medvezhia Gora» you will not return back without a trophy!

Both beginners and experienced hunters come to our Park-Hotel to hunt.

After all, the forests of the Boksitogorsk region are famous for the abundance of forest wild fowl. There are different kids of bird: capercaillie, geese, black grouse, hazel grouse, ducks, pheasants, woodcocks. And also animals: wolves, wild boars, hares, foxes, elks. And of course, the bear!

In the Park Hotel «Medvezhia Gora» we will arrange a ride to the place of hunting on our off-road vehicles, which can only be used for swamps and gully. Well, then it all depends on you.

Uh .. !! We already feel this awe-inspiring tension in the forest air, spring hunting in the Leningrad region in all its glory!

Together we will hunt a boar and a bear from a tower. We will also hunt wood grouses and black grouses.
And we also have a “moose hunting” for elk and and driven hunt. We take into consideration that first of all you have arived here to have rest. That’s why, we have simplified all the process of hunting as much as possible and from our side we propose the initial cutting of meat and tests for its suitability. We have also provided support and preparation of documents.


More video with the hunt you can watch on our video channel