Excursions in the Park-Hotel «Medvezhia Gora»

For lovers of nature and cultural events, we provide tours of the most interesting places in the Leningrad Region.

A walk to the eco-farm

o you want to see with your own eyes how we take care of our pets and grow vegetables and fruits? You should visit our eco-farm!

It has long been proven that communication with animals has a positive effect on physical health and emotional well being. You should absolutely go to our contact zoo, and you will not stay indifferent after talking with its cute and curious inhabitants.


Excursion to the monument to Peter the first

An obelisk made of heavy stones not far from Lake Krupino was built in honor of Peter the Great during his visit to the Tikhvin Canal. A massive cross is set up above, and on the blackboard we can see the time of the residence of emperor, from 1712 to 1716. A wooden house was built especially for him. The foundation was made of stone. Later, in 1802 the house burned down. And in 1862, with the help of money of local residents and the remnant of that foundation, a monument to the Great Emperor was created.

Today it is included to the list of the objects of cultural heritage and is protected by the state.


Forest safaris attract a great interest - we organize a trip using a special transport, accompanied by a professional huntsman to the habitats of wild animals. They are attractive because they offer visitors a chance to enjoy the natural environment in its original form.

Park-Hotel has created ecological trips and excursion routes, with a high frequency of tourists which does not cause damage to the environment. This is the closest form of communication with the environment in a real life.